LVM Asset Management – estimated 50%-100% annually

"LVM Asset Management" has developed a fully automated trading system specialised on single major currency pairs, mainly EUR/USD. The main difference to most similar systems is, that it is not using any technical signals or indicators. The approach is based on the chaos-theory, using stochastic rules in an anti-cyclical manner within defined buying and selling intervals. The success is based on the combination of mathematical and stochastic algorithms with human experience for the fine-tuning of the general settings and parameters of the system.

Average estimated performance between 5%-20% annually with a maximum risk of 15% of the initial deposit

The system operates very reliably and efficiently, opening many small positions (between 500-2000 trades a day) and closing them with small profits, but it does not trade in a high frequency or scalping mode. The profits of the successfully closed positions overcompensate regularly the floating of the not realized loss positions. As soon as there is a new peak in equity (more than 4% high water mark) all positions are going to be closed automated and the gain in equity is secured and realized.

The maximum risk of the open positions is calculated by the system at any time according to the given investor’s risk parameters. The average investment quote (margin) is about 3-4 %, with a pre-defined maximum drawdown of 75%. The system works very profitable in steady markets. Extreme short-term trends can shortly produce a higher floating and slightly reduce the profits. The usual sharp ratio is about 2-3 p.a. depending on the market conditions.

The system has been developed and regularly updated over the last 12 years by professional traders, mathematics and programmers. The responsible experts can look back on more than 30 years of expertise in financial markets.



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