Forex Conditions


Trading on Forex provides traders with unique access to the most liquid and vastest financial market in the whole world. Its daily turnover is up to $5.0 trillion. Choosing LVM Trade as a Forex Broker, the trader is sure to get access to trading conditions that are able to meet competition for up to 42 currency pairs on the number one world trading platforms including MT4.

Forex Conditions Metatrader
Minimum Funding - 50 USD
Leverage — up to 1:200
Margin Requirements* — 1:100 = 1%, 1:200 = 0.5%
Commissions — None
Spread Type — Floating
Execution — Market Execution (STP)
Minimum Order Size — 0.01 lot = 1,000 of base currency
Stopout Level** — Equity = 20% of used margin
Server Time*** — GMT
Account denomination — USD